History and education

Embark on a captivating journey with an artist who moved from Lebanon to the USA and now sells their beautiful art online.

At just nine years old, my talent caught the eye of a perceptive teacher. Since then, I’ve dedicated myself to exploring the art world, drawing inspiration from the vibrant surroundings of Lebanon and the Middle East. It felt like a gift from above—a divine talent that made me an impressionist artist.

Discover the rest of my story through my paintings and artwork. I’ve participated in over 21 exhibitions worldwide, immersing myself in different cultures. In 2005, I began teaching art classes, and in 2015, I opened my own art school. In 2020, I moved to the United States, where I’ve been overwhelmed with love and support.

Join me as I weave together the beauty of two worlds in my art. Experience the joy and emotions that grace each stroke of my brush. Let’s celebrate the journey of an artist, rooted in Lebanon and now leaving their mark on the art scene worldwide.